About Us

TACORE Medical Inc. was formed 19 years ago in Dallas, TX, and has flourished over the years purely through word of mouth referrals. The philosophy at TACORE has always been, “If we do our jobs right, our clients will advertise for us.”

At TACORE Medical, we are pure recruiters. The Founder and CEO, J.W. Lively, and the Executive Vice President, Tim Shea, are both former college football coaches, who understand the recruiting process at the deepest levels. They understand the importance of not just finding a recruit, but of finding the right recruit. At TACORE, we pride ourselves, not only on our physician placement rate, but on our physician retention rate. We recruit physicians who become part of the community and complete their careers with our clients. We’ll leave the quick fix physicians to the other guys.

At TACORE we believe that physician recruiting is not an easy business, but it is a simple business. From our coaching days we learned that most times, success simply comes down to clearly identifying the need, identifying all of the obstacles to meeting the need, identifying the solution – exactly, and then simply outworking everyone who is working against us. We have taken this approach for 19 years, and it has served us and our clients well.